The Federal Produce Policy Manual

    The Federal Produce Policy Manual is the most comprehensive resource for a thorough explanation of U.S. produce laws, regulations, programs, and policies. The manual guides industry stakeholders at all levels through the numerous aspects of all federal government interaction with the industry. With timely notifications provided to subscribers, the manual is regularly updated to reflect any changes to laws, regulations, and programs so that the reader always has current information at their fingertips.

    In order to ensure ease of use, the manual has been divided into 15 different chapters:


    Table of Contents and Index

    Chapter   1 - Domestic Marketing
    Chapter   2 - Food Labeling
    Chapter   3 - General Foreign Trade Issues
    Chapter   4 - Export Trade Assistance
    Chapter   5 - International Trade
    Chapter   6 - Trade Remedy Laws
    Chapter   7 - Plant Pests and Diseases
    Chapter   8 - Pesticide Regulation
    Chapter   9 - Human Health and Food Safety
    Chapter 10 - Federal Financial Aid
    Chapter 11 - Federal Labor Programs
    Chapter 12 - Federal Fruit, Nut, and Vegetable Advisory Committees
    Chapter 13 - Organic Farming
    Chapter 14 - Biotechnology
    Chapter 15 - Sustainability


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