Cost of Pesticide Certification Rules has States Worried

January 28, 2016

Several states have expressed concern that the cost of the new proposal to update pesticide certification requirements is being underestimated.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a proposed rule in the Federal Register of August 24, 2015, to update existing regulations concerning the certification of applicators of restricted use pesticides (RUP).  The proposed changes are intended to improve the competency of certified applicators of RUPs, increase protection for noncertified applicators of RUPs operating under the direct supervision of a certified applicator through enhanced pesticide safety training and standards for supervision of noncertified applicators, and establish a minimum age requirement for certified and noncertified applicators. 

Tennessee Agriculture Commissioner Julius Johnson estimated that “cost of adjusting databases, websites, and other infrastructures, and changing regulations, would be much higher than the projected $39,000 for commercial applicators and $11,000 for private applicators. This estimate is woefully low.”

The comment period on the proposed rule ends Saturday.

To view comments from North Dakota and Tennessee, click here and here, respectively.


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