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Table Grape Industry at a Glance

March 06, 2014

Table Grape Harvest Techniques, Statistics and Reports

A quick look at table grape harvesting and packing:


2012 Crop Year, Table Grapes


$ 1.18 billion



2.0 billion lbs

(908,000 MT)

Domestic Consumption

2.47 billion lbs

(1,118,788 MT)


787 million lbs

(1,540,000 MT)


1.25 billion lbs

(1,245,000 MT)

Bearing Acres



Data Source: FAS, USDA


U.S. Fresh Apple Trade

Click on Table Grape Market Graph to Enlarge.
Prepared by FPP using data from FAS and ERS, USDA


Over the last four years, table grape consumption has been strong.   Around 99% of all table grapes grown in the U.S. are grown in California. The harvest season for California table grapes runs late April through late Fall.

The U.S. consumes the 4th most table grapes in the world, only behind China, the European Union, and Brazil. In addition to being the largest single consumer nation of table grapes, China is the world’s leading producer and has recently petitioned APHIS to permit grape imports into the U.S. The total value of table grape production in the United States was estimated to be worth $1,138,470,000 for the 2012 season.



2012/13 Major Players in Apple Market

Click on U.S. Import Graph to Enlarge.
Prepared by FPP using data from FAS, USDA


The U.S. currently imports the most table grapes of any nation in the world. Imports arrive nearly year round, but Chilean imports are available in U.S. markets from late December to as late as early July; Mexican imports are typically available in May, June and July; and Peruvian and Brazilian imports arrive between late December and early April. Early and late season Chilean imports and storage offer competition for domestic grapes due to their overlap with U.S. grape marketing.  As seen in the graph above, Chile continued to dominate the import industry for table grapes in the United States in 2012. Chile is the number one exporter of table grapes in the world.


Global Agricultural Information Network Reports

The following countries’ GAIN reports concerning potatoes have been recently released:

           Australia - Progress on Opening Market to CA Table Grapes
           Chile - Table Grapes, Apples and Pears Annual
           Canada - Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual
           Argentina - Fresh Deciduous Fruit Semi-annual
           Indonesia - Indonesia Retail Report Update 2013


Miscellaneous Reports

To view the U.S. and World Situation report on Table Grapes from FAS, click here.

To view the Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook report, click here. (Table grapes information are on pp. 29-38)

To view information from the California Table Grape Commission, click here.



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