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Blueberry Industry at a Glance

January 03, 2014

Blueberry Harvest Techniques, Statistics and Reports

A quick look at blueberry harvesting and packing:


2012 Crop Year, Fresh and Processed Blueberries


$ 950.9 million



552.9 million lbs

(250,790 MT)

Domestic Consumption

762.1 million lbs

(345,667 MT)


118.3 million lbs

(53,640 MT)


327.4 million lbs

(327,425 MT)

Bearing Acres




U.S. Fresh Apple Trade

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Prepared by FPP using data from NASS, USDA, U.S. Department of Commerce

Blueberries come in two types: low bush (wild) and high bush (tame). Maine is the largest producer of U.S. blueberries. Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Georgia and California follow closely in blueberry production.

The blueberry harvest in North America varies. It can start as early as May and usually ends in late summer. Due to the seasonality of blueberries, a large portion of U.S. fresh consumption is imported in order to maintain year-round supply.


2012/13 Major Players in Apple Market

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Prepared by FPP using data from NASS, USDA, U.S. Department of Commerce

In 2011, Agriculture Research magazine published an article about the advancement of blueberries. To read more, click here.

Global Agricultural Information Network Reports

The following countries’ GAIN reports concerning blueberries have been released this year:

            China – USDA China Monthly Newsletter - May 2013
            Japan – Japan Proposes Deletion of MLRs
            Taiwan – Asian Chefs Highlight U.S. Ingredients
            Taiwan – Taipei International Food Show 2013
            Taiwan – Asian Chef Challenge Kick-Off
            Russian – CU Technical Regulation on Food Additives

For more statistics on the U.S. blueberry Industry from ERS, click here.



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