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24 Jul 2014 - Fruit Crops Valued at $16.1 Billion

According to a report released by the National Agriculture Statistical Service (NASS), noncitrus fruit crops were worth $16.1 billion, which was four percent higher than 2012.

24 Jul 2014 - Farmland Investments on the Rise

Investment funds continue to increase their farm land purchases as the world food prices increase.

24 Jul 2014 - What’s the Truth behind Bee-pocalypse?

Despite of the buzz about colony collapse disorder, the honey bee population may not be in as bad of shape as once thought.

24 Jul 2014 - Locally Grown Not Just for Farmers Markets

Locally grown food used to be primarily found in local farmers markets, but recently, locally grown food has found its way into larger companies and organizations.

24 Jul 2014 - Texas Denied Use of Pesticide by EPA

The EPA denied the request of Texas state officials to use a powerful herbicide to stop “super weeds” from damaging Texas crops.

24 Jul 2014 - Olive Oil Debate Continues in California

The Olive Oil Commission of California’s proposed olive oil marketing and labeling standards for the state of California continues the heated debate over olive oil standards.

24 Jul 2014 - Organic vs. Non-organic Health Debate

A new study from the British Journal of Nutrition published a paper that shows organic crops containing higher levels of antioxidants than conventionally grown crops.

Federal Policy Updates

Updated July 24, 2014 5:00 PM ET


House - Modernizing Agriculture Producer Size Standard

House - Advancing Trade with Africa

Senate - Lessons from the U.S.-Korea FTA

Senate - Ag Ranking Member Comments on Waters of the U.S. Rule

Legislation - Endangered Species Act of 1973 Amendment

Legislation - 21st Century Endangered Species Transparency Act


AGRI - Civil Dialogue Groups on Agricultural Issues

AGRI - Organic Sector Rapid Growth

Federal Register

APHIS - Importation of Fruits and Vegetables Information Collection

CCC - Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance for 2012

EPA - New Pesticide Use Registration Applications

EPA - Certification of Pesticide Applicators Information Collection

FCA - Investment Eligibility Amendments

FDA - Food Advisory Committee Meeting

FWS - List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife Amendments

FWS - Endangered Species Permits

NASS - Advisory Committee on Ag Statistics

NOAA - Endangered and Threatened Species Recovery Plans

Agency Announcements

AMS - USDA Cites Several Businesses for PACA Violations (1)

APHIS - Greenhouse Certification Program Meeting

APHIS - European Grapevine Moth

FNS - Program to Procure Locally and Regionally Grown Fruits and Vegetables

FSA - Nomination Deadline for County Committees

PTO - New Plant Patents (5)

USDA - Watershed Rehabilitation Funding

USDA - Drought Aid to California

USDA - 2014 Farm Bill Conservation Compliance Changes

International Trade

FAS - Global Agricultural Information Network Reports

USDA - U.S. Agriculture Products Abroad (19)

Agency Reports

NASS - Noncitrus Fruit and Nut Report

RMA - Federal Crop Insurance Corp Business Report


The federal updates cover proposed legislation, Federal Register notices and agency reports.  The goal is to provide the reader with timely updates of regulatory, trade, policy, and legislative issues related to produce.

Recent Produce News

17 Jul 2014 - Drought Causes $1 Billion Loss to CA Ag Industry

A report from UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences stated that the California agricultural industry could lose $1 billion in revenue due to the severe drought.

17 Jul 2014 - A New Berry in the Michigan Market

The Saskatoon berry has found its way into Michigan grocery stores thanks to a local farmer who started commercially growing them.


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