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20 Nov 2014 - Ag Industry Split on Impending Executive Action on Immigration

The agricultural industry is divided on the issue of Obama’s impending executive action on immigration, which is expected to grant temporary legal status to millions of people.


20 Nov 2014 - Conaway to Serve as Chairman of the House Committee on Ag

Representative Mike Conaway (R-TX) will be the Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture in the 114th Congress of the U.S.


20 Nov 2014 - Time Is Running out for Tax Extenders

In the final days of the 113th Congress, legislators must decide whether to renew 56 tax provisions that are set to expire, including two provisions that are of great importance to specialty crops.


20 Nov 2014 - New Invasive Pest Threaten PA Grape Industry

The lanternfly, an invasive pest from Asia, has appeared in the United States for the first time, threatening Pennsylvania’s grape industry.


20 Nov 2014 - Toshiba Joins the Ag World

Responding to recent troubles in the electronic industry, tech giant Toshiba has adapted one of its factories to produce something unusual: high-end lettuce.


20 Nov 2014 - The Struggle of Russia’s Agricultural Industry

Vladimir Putin’s sweeping sanctions against Western food, first intended to solely be retaliatory, is now being spun as a means to build up Russian agriculture.


20 Nov 2014 - The Next Forum for the GMO Debate: The Free Market

After measures to require the labeling of GMO products were defeated in both Colorado and Oregon this past election, the free market may be where the fate of GMOs are ultimately decided.

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Recent Produce News

13 Nov 2014 - Harvard Professors Recommend Whistle Blower Protection for Ag Workers

Harvard University Law Professors recommend federal action to help protect ag workers report illegal and unsafe activities in their work places.


13 Nov 2014 - AMS Amended Service Fee Rate Charges

The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) amended the rates charged for services provided by AMS by establishing a set of standardized formulas.



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