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14 Aug 2014 - Russian Sanctions Offset by EC

Europe is preparing to compensate its fruit and vegetable producers who will be negatively affected by Russia’s import ban.

14 Aug 2014 - Pepsi Gambles with Cashew Juice

Pepsi looks to make cashew juice the next coconut water or açaí juice.


14 Aug 2014 - Small-Scale Farmers Working in the Red

A small-scale farmer expressed his concerns over the viability of small-scale farming in a recent opinion article from The New York Times.


Federal Policy Updates

Updated August 14, 2014 2:00 PM ET


EC - Peach and Nectarine: Support Program for Russia Banned Fruit

    Federal Register

APHIS - Baby Squash: Information Collection on Importation

APHIS - Fresh Pitaya: Information Collection on Importation

APHIS - Introduction of Genetic Engineered Organisms

EPA - Sweet Corn and Varroa Mite Pesticide Tolerances

EPA - Onion, Garlic, and Sweet Corn: Pesticide Tolerances

EPA - Cancellation of Pesticide Registrations

EPA - Pesticide Registration Cancellation Requests

FDA - Food Allergen Labeling and Reporting

FDA - Food Canning Establishment Registration

FSIS - Codex Meeting on Food Import and Export Inspection

FSIS - Codex Meeting on Food Hygiene

OMB - Appointment of Lobbyist to Federal Advisory Committees

USTR - National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers

Agency Announcements

EPA - Settlement Reached with PA Pesticide Business

IR-4 - New Coffee Bean Pesticide Project

IR-4 - New Radish Pesticide Project

IR-4 - New Broccoli, Cabbage, Greens, Carrot, and Radish Pesticide Project

IR-4 - New Greens Pesticide Project

IR-4 - New Hops Pesticide Project

IR-4 - New Dry Peas Pesticide Project

IR-4 - New Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) Pesticide Projects

PTO - New Plant Patents (2)

RMA - Closing Date for Georgia Crop Insurance

International Trade

FAS - Global Agricultural Information Network Reports (19)

Agency Reports

NASS - Pear, Apple, Coffee, Grape Crop Production Report

RMA - Federal Crop Insurance Corp Business Report


The federal updates cover proposed legislation, Federal Register notices and agency reports.  The goal is to provide the reader with timely updates of regulatory, trade, policy, and legislative issues related to produce.

Recent Produce News

07 Aug 2014 - Russia Bans Imports of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Tree Nuts from the U.S.

Russia has banned imports of fresh fruit, vegetables and tree nuts from the U.S. in response to the sanctions the U.S. has placed on Russia over the Ukraine conflict.

07 Aug 2014 - U.S. Peach Industry at a Glance

Peaches have been a staple in American homes since colonial times.



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