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01 Oct 2015 - EPA Announces Revision to Rules for Pesticide Use on Farms

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced several revisions to rules governing pesticide use on farms to better protect farmworkers on Monday, September 28, 2015.


01 Oct 2015 - TPP Talks Stall in Atlanta

The debate over drug protections has stalled the current negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) taking place in Atlanta, GA.


01 Oct 2015 - Food Safety and the Specialty Crop Industry

It is difficult to determine when the U.S. started to take food safety seriously, but most food safety advocates will admit it has been a long and tortuous journey that has culminated to our current food safety obligations.


01 Oct 2015 - Specialty Crop Test of Knowledge

How much do you know about specialty crops and the federal agencies, policies, and programs that affect the specialty crop industry?


Federal Policy Updates

Updated October 01, 2015 3:30 PM EDT

           U.S. Congress

House - Ag Subcommittee Reviews Research Innovations by Ag Colleges and Universities
House - Ag Committee Hearing on 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Senate - Asia-Pacific Trade Deal Must Meet Requirements of Bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority
Senate - Western Water Legislation Hearing

Federal Register

AMS - National Organic Standards Board Nominations
AMS - CA Table Grapes: Revision to the Administrative Rules and Regulations
APHIS - Potato Pest: Golden Nematode Removal of Regulated Areas
APHIS - Importation of Tomato Plantlets in Approved Growing Media from Mexico
APHIS - Fee Increases for Overtime Services
EPA - Pome Fruit and Citrus Pesticide Tolerance
EPA - Apple, Sweet Corn, Potato, Pome Fruit and more Pesticide Tolerance
FAS - Accepting Applications for 2016 Borlaug Global Research Alliance Fellowships
USDA - Revision of Delegations of Authority

Agency Announcements

AMS - USDA Cites Several Businesses for PACA Violations (5)
EPA - Fertilizer Company Reaches Settlement with the EPA and the DOJ
FDA - Raw Produce: Selecting and Serving it Safely
PTO - New Plant Patents (3)
RMA - 2016 Cover Crops Crop Insurance
USDA - $2.6 Million in Grants for Infrastructure and Economic Development Projects

International Trade

FAS - Global Agricultural Information Network Reports (2)


The federal updates cover proposed legislation, Federal Register notices and agency reports.  The goal is to provide the reader with timely updates of regulatory, trade, policy, and legislative issues related to produce.

Recent Produce News

24 Sep 2015 - Organic Sales Rise, but Number of Organic Farms and Acres Decrease

Organic sales increased 72 percent from 2008, reaching $5.5 billion in 2014, but there were less farms contributing to the organic agriculture.


24 Sep 2015 - CDFA Calls for Comments on Specialty Crop Block Grants

The California Department of Agriculture is seeking public comments on new program priorities being developed for the 2016 Special Crop Block Grant Program.



The Federal Register

Crop Profiles, Harvesting and Trade

Agency and Congressional Hearings

Congressional Legislation

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